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Day: 12th September, 2017

Time: 17:00 – 18:30


Short Description:
Bioenergy is the largest renewable energy source globally – a fact often misinterpreted in the global energy and climate community. Biomass makes up 14% out of the 19% overall contribution of renewables to the global energy mix. 10% is via traditional biomass with the remainder from modern biomass. Bioenergy is the only renewable energy technology which can satisfy the energy demand in all three end use sectors: electricity, heating and transportation.
Questions to be addressed by the session:
What will be the role of bioenergy in a 100% renewable energy future?
What can be done to inform and educate national governments about the potential of biomass and the path towards sustainable bioenergy development?
How can success stories about bioenergy be replicated in other countries?
What are the challenges in gathering and disseminating updated data on bioenergy?

Session composition:
The keynote speaker gives a 15 min overview of the thematic context of this session. In the remaining time, the panelist’s respond to the questions posed by the moderator as well as discussion points from the audience

Keynote: Mr. Heinz Kopetz, President, World Bioenergy Association
Moderator: Mr. Bernardo Silva, Executive President, Brazilian Industrial Biotechnology Association (ABBI)

Mr. Gonçalo Pereira, Director, Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory (CTBE)
Mr. Gerard Ostheimer, Global Lead Sustainable Bioenergy Accelerator, SEforALL

Other Panelists TBC

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