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Power linkages: Electricity interconnection in North and Central America

Day: 12th September, 2017

Time: 15:00 – 16:30

Room: WIND

Short Description:

Electricity generation in North and Central America amounted to approximately 5,292 TWh in 2015, of which the US generated 4,303 TWh, Canada 633 TWH, Mexico 307 TWh and Central America 49 TWh. The electricity systems of the US and Canada are entirely interconnected with trading volumes of approximately USD 3 billion worth of electricity in 2014. 

Questions to be addressed by the session:

  1. Where do you see the main developments in terms of new technology for interconnections and power trade? And how to you expect this new technology to impact on interconnection perspectives globally and in North/Central America?
  2. What reforms in the regulatory systems can enable effective co-ordination across different power systems? In how far do you think that a lack of information sharing –  in the presence of a high share of variable RE – regarding network capacity can be a potential stumbling block, and if so, how can it be overcome?
  3. Apart from the often complex siting decisions, what needs to be done to expedite approval and administrative procedures in order to avoid major project delays in cross-border infrastructure?
  4. What can be done to ensure that cross-border traded power is more or less on par with domestic generation?
  5. How do you see environmental and social concerns related to the building of transmission networks and how would you evaluate them from an end-user perspective?

Session composition:

The keynote speaker gives a 15 min overview of the thematic context of this session. In the remaining time, the panelist’s respond to the questions posed by the moderator as well as discussion points from the audience.

Keynote: Mr. Antonio Barbalho, Manager, World Bank

Moderator: Mr. César Hernández, Deputy Secretary of Electricity, SENER –tbc


Other Panelists TBC

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