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Hydropower Energy

Day: 12th September, 2017

Time: 17:00 – 18:30

Room: SUN

Short Description:

Hydropower remains the largest source of renewable electricity generation in the world. In 2016, hydropower represented 16.6% of global electricity production (delivering 4,100 TWh – enough for more than a billion people).  According to the International Hydropower Association, 31.5 GW of new capacity was added last year, bringing the global total to 1,246 GW of hydropower capacity. Delivering sustainable energy and water services for development and for climate change mitigation and adaptation, hydropower contributes to the achievement of a number of the SDGs.

Questions to be addressed by the session:

  1. How can we move policy away from sexy technologies and towards sexy systems?
  2. How are hybrid projects and regional interconnections shaping development?
  3. Why are technologies still treated in separate silos? What needs to be done to change the situation? Who will be part of this effort?
  4. What role will hydropower play in our future storage markets, and how can modernizing existing assets contribute to the solution?
  5. How is the sector responding to the challenges of climate change?
  6. How can hydropower tools and standards attract more finance and investment?

Session composition:

The keynote speaker gives a 15 min overview of the thematic context of this session. In the remaining time, the panelist’s respond to the questions posed by the moderator as well as discussion points from the audience.

Keynote: Mr. Richard Taylor, CEO, International Hydropower Association

Moderator: Mr. Humberto Marengo, Researcher, UNAM


Other Panelists TBC

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