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Ariel Yepez

Chief of the Energy Division

Inter-American Development Bank

Ariel Yepez is Chief of the Energy Division at the Inter-American Development Bank. In this position he is responsible for guiding the Bank’s energy strategy to implement projects, initiatives, and knowledge products that promote a sustainable development agenda in the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. These activities include renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy access,  regional energy integration initiatives and improving the operational and financial management of companies in the energy sector.

As Chief of the Division, Ariel promotes the development and harmonization of regulatory and institutional frameworks that enable the sustainable and efficient development of the energy sector.

Before joining the Bank, he worked for the World Bank as a Senior Energy Economist. He also served as Deputy Director of Economic Planning at PEMEX and as the General Director of Revenue Policy at the Ministry of Finance in Mexico. Ariel has also taught classes at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology.

Ariel is the author of books and articles on energy, regulation, public finance, and industrial organization. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Economics from the College of Mexico. He recently published a book about the vulnerability of Latin American and Caribbean oil prices.