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What is DEMEX?

The Dialogues for the Future of Energy 2017 (DEMEX) represent an opportunity to discuss, analyze and reflect on future trends and scenarios from the energy sector, to foster a dialogue among key actors, build global synergies and share experiences from different countries in their efforts towards energy transition.

These dialogues will also show progress achieved by global energy initiatives such as the United Nations SE4ALL, the Paris Agreement, Mission Innovation, the World Energy Council (WEC), the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), REN21 and many others of international relevance.

DEMEX will encourage discussion among the most influential stakeholders and groups in the energy industry at an international level to ponder on how our energy future should be.

In order to achieve this objective, conferences, round tables, and meetings will be held by experts and specialists, with the presence of Ministers in charge of the energy sector in different countries, international agencies’ experts, high level executives and senior staff from the industry, researchers and academics, students and the general public interested in the energy sector, particularly in renewable energies.

The dialogues will take place under a common discussion space format with parallel events—detailed below—workshops and discussion forums, in an international, inter-sectorial and interdisciplinary context.

The core subject of the dialogues will be Energy Transition, based on four main topics: Public Policies; Financing; Technological Development; and Energy Sector Sustainability.

In addition, there will be an exhibition where national and international energy companies will show their products and services, as well as technological advances for the sector.


Energy ministers, experts from international agencies, energy sector CEOs, researchers and academics, students, and public interested in energy, especially in renewables.




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