The programon electrification for rural communities and marginalized urban áreas will benefit 180 thousand mexicans

Thanks to the first stage of the Universal Electrical Service Fund, the lighting, communication, food preservation and power productive activities needs of 180 thousand Mexicans will be addressed. This represents the social face of the Mexican Energy Reform, which will expand the electrification in communities without access to this basic service, which currently are far away from the existing power networks.

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) network will be extended in accordance with the characteristics of the area in places where it is technically and economically viable.

For the localities where the extension of the network is not possible, the electrification will be handled through individual systems such as photovoltaic panels.

The first call will impact 898 locations in 11 states of the country and 438 million pesos will be allocated to install more than 10 thousand systems in benefit of 45 thousand Mexicans living in energy poverty conditions.


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