Mexico will collaborate with misión innovation and the world economic

· Mexico will collaborate with Mission Innovation (MI) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) to promote energy innovation.
· Mission Innovation is a global initiative supported by Mexico, the European Union and other 21 countries to accelerate innovation in clean energy and ensure that it is accessible, affordable, and reliable.
Beijing, China.- Within the framework of the second Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting, the Mexican Government, through the Secretariat of Energy (SENER), announced its collaboration with the WEF to strengthen innovation in research and development of clean energy through public-private partnerships. It is worth mentioning that innovation in clean energy is essential to achieve the global climate and sustainable development objectives.

This alliance will leverage the experience and the efficiency of the private sector and strategic investments in clean energy research and development from the public sector to help release the global innovative solutions.

On behalf of the Mexican Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, the Undersecretary of Energy Planning and transition, Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez, said that this partnership with the WEF will take advantage of impulse for clean energy created by Mission Innovation and will facilitate participants to reach their collective goals of accelerating energy innovation in the private sector, “which is at the core of economic growth for many of the countries behind this unique partnership,” he added.

On the other hand, the Head of Industries for WEF, Cheryl Martin, noted that partnerships between public and private sectors are fundamental to accelerate innovation, from the design in the early stages to the application on a large scale. “This is a critical moment for clean energy innovation and we are delighted to work with major governments looking to accelerate access to clean energy for all. I support this initiative and I hope to be present in many of the participation opportunities being planned,” she said.

This partnership has three main pillars toward a clean energy future:
The partners companies of the Forum and the Technology Pioneers will work with members of Mission Innovation in “Innovation Challenges”, which call for international forces to join their research efforts in promising technological areas. Initially, this work will focus on three of the seven challenges: carbon capture, clean energy materials and affordable heating and cooling for buildings.

ii. The stakeholders will gather to move forward on clean energy innovation. For 2017, this includes the New Leaders’ Annual Meeting at the World Economic Forum, which will take place from June 27-29 in Dalian, China, and the “Dialogues for the Future of Energy Mexico 2017 (DEMEX)”, organized by the Mexican Government through SENER on September 12-13, where there will be a MI-WEF meeting focusing on MI’s Innovation Challenges.

iii. Knowledge of the innovation landscape will be shared to open new avenues for private sector actions. New and existing models in which public and private sectors can increase its impact will be explored.

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