Mexican Government and World Energy Council to host World Energy Leaders’ Summit in September

Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez said that: “the global energy scene is highly dynamic, therefore, collaboration, new partnerships and innovative approaches are necessary for the future of energy. DEMEX provides a unique opportunity for key players to discuss, analyze and reflect on energy trends and scenarios and share experiences regarding the drive towards energy transition, based on four main themes: public policies, financing, technological development, and sustainability.

Given that SENER and the have the ability to convene the world’s energy community, the participation of WELS in DEMEX will facilitate dialogue on the challenges of the sector in a global context.”

Christoph Frei added that: “the energy sector is facing many new realities in the way in which we produce and consume energy. The unprecedented speed of change in technologies risks and the policy environment provides both challenges and opportunities for countries and energy companies. Dialogue on implications among the leaders of the public and private sectors, in a neutral and informal setting is critical in this time of great uncertainty and deep energy transition. We are delighted to be working with the Mexican Government in hosting this important Summit.”

Energy leaders’ summits are exclusive high level events – organized by the World Energy Council – which target the global energy community, in order to facilitate the ongoing dialogue on critical issues affecting the sector. The Mexico City Summit will focus on renewable energies and innovative business models to drive and facilitate change, decentralized approaches to balance the energy trilemma, resilience of the energy system and reform of the sector. The Summit will bring together approximately 100 ministers and CEO’s of companies around the world to promote change and deepen the understanding of the great energy transition at a critical time for the industry.

The World Energy Council will also conduct its annual regional forum during the Dialogues for the Future of Energy – Mexico 2017 (DEMEX). This event will bring together the Canadian, Mexican and U.S. member committees at the World Energy Council to discuss relations between the energy systems of the three countries energy systems.
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The following speakers will be available for interviews:
Leonardo Beltrán Rodríguez, Undersecretary of Energy Planning and Transition of the Mexican Secretariat of Energy.
Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council
Stuart Neil, Director, Senior External Affairs of the World Energy Council


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