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Mexico International Renewable Energy Conference – MEXIREC2017

Mexico´s edition will hold a series of high-level conferences on policies to promote worldwide development of renewable energy, acting as a common platform for government, private sector and civil society leaders to jointly address the goal of promoting renewable energy. The conference is held every two years and is organized by governments of different countries jointly with REN21. Upon conclusion of the Conference, a Conference Declaration summarizing the results of MEXIREC will be issued.


Contact: Efraín Villanueva Arcos.  

Tel: +52 55 5000 6000 Ext. 1023


World Energy Council (WEC)

Consejo Mundial de Energía

The World Energy Leaders’ Summits (WELS) are exclusive high-level events, organized twice a year, to facilitate a continuous debate among the energy industry community on critical issues affecting the sector. The agenda is built on the insights gained from ongoing  World Energy Council studies, including World Energy Scenarios and World Energy Trilemma. WELS Mexico City will also present the Trilemma Ministerial Roundtable for the Ministerial Community and CEOs Partners.


Contact: Eder Garcia Jimenez.  

Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 1165


Contact : Lena Dente,

WEC Capítulo México (WEC Mex)

North American Regional Forum

Along with WELS, World Energy Council is present in the country throughout the World Energy Council Mexico Chapter. The North American Regional Forum is a trilateral effort with the participation of Mexico, the United States and Canada. The Forum brings energy stakeholders together to work closely with national World Energy Council member committees to study priorities and solutions for each region.



Contact: Eder Garcia Jimenez.  

Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 1165

National Chamber of Electrical Manufacturers (CANAME)

International Energy Symposium 2017, (CANAME)

The International Energy Symposium was created due to the need of the energy and electrical industries to hold an event in which international experts could transmit their knowledge and experiences so as to contribute to the updating and innovation of the members of the Chamber.

SIEC is a space where, through discussion panels, conferences and an exhibition area, all the main companies engaged to the sustainable development of this field will meet.

Mission Innovation & the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Materials Innovation Challenge Expert Workshop

The Energy Materials Innovation Workshop will bring together experts from around the world to identify critical research and development (R&D) priorities and gaps in clean energy materials innovation processes and explore opportunities for deeper collaboration.


Contact: Hermann Tribukait.

Tel. +1 (650) 521 0931

Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge

Fondo de Sustentabilidad Energética (FSE) en alianza con ProMéxico

Dialogues on Innovation and Business in Energy, in partnership with Green Solutions (Previously CEMIE-Day)

Green Solutions joins DEMEX through the “Dialogues on Innovation and Business in Energy”, DINE for their name in Spanish, transforming what previously was the “Mexican Centers for Clean Energy Innovation’s Day” (CEMIE-Day). With this in mind, the CEMIEs will be guests of honor in this simultaneous event about green investments, having its main focus in dialogues and encounters on innovation and business.


Emmanuel Espinoza Navarrete
(55) 5447 7000 ext. 1414

International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC)

Creating opportunities for Energy Efficiency Financing and Investment

The event “Creating Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Financing and Investment” will be the opportunity to discuss, analyze and reflect on the opportunities at the global and national levels in the field of financing energy efficiency. It will be a space to know the political framework for energy efficiency in Mexico, the opinion of Private and Development Banking and its role to increase investments in energy efficiency. In addition, will be the presentation in Mexico of the G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit.


Contact: Víctor Gabriel Zúñiga Espinoza.

Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 1251

Secretariat of Energy (SENER). US Department of Energy (US DOE), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Meeting of the Technical Committee to Review the Study of Integration of Renewable Energies in North America

The objective of the North American Renewable Energy Integration Study (NARIS) is to generate information that allows energy sector institutions, system operators, legislators, and regulators of the three countries to take decisions related to operational and economic implications of integrating large amounts of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy, considering cross-border interconnection scenarios in the three countries. The members of the Technical Review Committee (TRC) will meet to follow up on the progress and to discuss the study’s scope.

 (By invitation only)


Contact: Efraín Villanueva Arcos.  

Tel: +52 55 5000 6000 Ext. 1023

German Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)

3rd Workshop of the trans-regional exchange platform on large-scale solar power plants.

Participants from energy ministries and agencies, electricity generators and plant operators from Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, and Tunisia will share their knowledge and experiences on long-term energy modeling and convey its importance for the design of future energy systems, based on renewable energies and flexibility options required for this goal.

(By invitation only)


Contact: Luis Muñozcano Álvarez.

Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 Ext. 1023

Workshop “Empowering Energy – Scaling up rural energy access through innovation

The session will address how new actors and existing interested parties can cooperate to transform energy into a tool for prosperity. We will explore the challenges and opportunities to bring energy to the rural areas and address the role of new actors and business models to create synergies among communities.


This workshop is organised by the World Energy Council.

Member Services

Dialogues for Public Private Cooperation on Clean Energy Innovation.

The Strategic Dialogues on Effective Public Private Cooperation on Clean Energy Innovation are organized by SENER with World Economic Forum support in the context of the Mission Innovation challenges. The dialogues will combine high-level plenaries with interactive discussions in groups, to help create visions of how MI challenges can be ambitiously delivered through public and private cooperation, with the required speed, scope, and scale.


Geothermal Direct Applications: The Efficient, Versatile and Low Cost Resource

Geothermal energy, besides being used for electricity generation, can be used in several industrial processes. Some heat needing processes can use low temperature geothermal resources through direct applications, as a substitute for electricity or other fossil fuels. Currently, around 82 countries are taking advantage of these techniques, among which Iceland stands out as one of the most experienced. Therefore, Iceland Cluster and CeMIEGeo’s experts are seeking to promote the study of success cases as well as the feasibility of using these resources in Mexico.


Michelle Alejandra Ramírez Bueno
Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 1096

David Alejandro Rocha Ruíz
Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 2425


By invitation only

*Closed Registration

Energy Efficient Future

The “Energy Efficient Future” event is a high-level forum to discuss, analyse and reflect on future energy trends and scenarios, opportunities for financing, promote a dialogue among key actors in the sector and build worldwide synergies, as well as share experiences from Mexico and other countries on their efforts towards a low-carbon economy.
The foremost experts on energy efficiency from the IEA, SENER and CONUEE will lead this discussion providing a vision of an energy efficient future.



Ana Lepure
Tel. +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 2516

Lessons from the CIF Experience in Scaling-up Energy Efficiency

This invitation-only dialogue is the second in a series of engagements with experts from across the energy efficiency supply chain. It follows an event at the Vienna Energy Forum in May 2017, and provides a platform for donors, governments, financial institutions and project developers to debate and discuss their experiences with energy efficiency programs to draw out key learnings for future initiatives.



Joshua Brunert
Tel: +44 (0)20 7832 4552

Definition and Evaluation of the energy efficiency policies in Mexico

The event will show the cooperation results between ADEME, AFD and Conuee; as well as presentations from other organizations, such as the International Energy Agency, that may provide a collaborative framework and emphasize the importance that the work on indexes and the assessment of energy efficiency public policies have.

Similarly, the event serves to announce this future cooperation and the signing of the corresponding agreement between the three organizations. AFD and ADEME have proposed the funding and support scheme of the second stage of cooperation with Conuee, in order to specify and expand the activities performed to date. Generally speaking, the second stage is contemplated to continue towards the year 2018.



Pauline Larat / Sergio Segura /
Tel: +52 55 5281 1777 ext 117 / +52 55 3000-1000 Ext: 1189

Energy Sustainability Fund (FSE)

Workshop: Roadmap to a National Energy Supercomputing Center

The development of information technologies and the parallel processing in supercomputing equipment has accelerated the analysis of complex problems such as the simulation of physical phenomena or the analysis of large amounts of data at a speed and precision previously unthinkable. The energy industry is facing great challenges and opportunities with this high complexity characteristics, motivating a natural intersection between supercomputing and energy.

Este taller busca promover un diálogo constructivo que permita continuar en la conceptualización de este Centro de Supercómputo. En el taller escucharemos la opinión y experiencia de reconocidos líderes mundiales en las temáticas de supercómputo, arquitectura computacional, aplicaciones para la energía y la formación de especialistas en la materia. Estos expertos interactuarán en talleres de trabajo con los actores relevantes del sector energía nacional que enfrentan los problemas que una herramienta de esta naturaleza pretende atender.
This workshop aims to integrate the relevant actors on this issue in order to elaborate a roadmap for the creation of a National Energy Supercomputing Center for the National Energy Sector. During the workshop, we will listen to the opinion and experience of renowned world leaders in the supercomputing topics, computational architecture, energy applications and the creation of these topics specialists. These experts will interact in workshops with the relevant actors in the national energy sector, who will face the problems that a tool of this nature can address.



Ernesto Hernández Montoya
Tel: +52 55 5000 6000 ext. 1090

Energy Sustainability Fund (FSE)

Youth Dialogues on Energy Sustainability and Climate Change

The Youth Dialogues on Energy Sustainability and Climate Change will be a space in which Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Founder & Chief Mentor of POP Movement and Former Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will share his vision and perspectives with students and young energy professionals on the challenges and opportunities available for youth, as well as their role in addressing issues concerning energy sustainability and climate change.
In this event, Mexican youth will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with Dr. Pachauri, exchanging new ideas, as well as current or future initiatives for youth to get engaged, such as the Protect Our Planet Movement, an initiative led by Dr. Pachauri.



Jorge Luis Hinojosa
Tel: +52 55 2624 1388 ext. 133

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