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Mexico is committed to the mission of innovating, through the acceleration of the discovery and exploitation of new high performance and low cost materials for a better energy exploitation. We owe the world the best of our scientific capacities, providing global solutions through technological development and the practical application of knowledge. In the transformation of the country towards a competitive and low-carbon economy, the transition to a model focused on innovation is vital to overcome the challenges of the energy sector, promoting the joint work of industry, academics and government.

The “Dialogs for the Future of Energy in Mexico 2017” will be the space to promote the implementation of renewable energies and energy efficiency, under the paradigm of disruptive innovation, with dialogs about the best practices to finance the commercialization of novel technologies, within a political framework that makes it possible, considering the increasing need of connections and the positive impact in society, in the form of economic progress and better living standards.

More than ever, science and technology are the answer to the global crisis. The world united around energy innovation is one of the milestones that humanity must defend and protect for future generations, we rely on this to revert climate change and move towards a more fair and sustainable society.





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