Dialogues for Public Private Cooperation on Clean Energy Innovation.

These seek to enhance public private cooperation within the innovation cycle, encourage project initiatives, and generate a support platform for public and private innovation

The Strategic Dialogues on Effective Public Private Cooperation on Clean Energy Innovation are organized by SENER with World Economic Forum (WEF) support in the context of the Mission Innovation (MI) challenges. The dialogues will combine high-level plenaries with interactive discussions in groups, to help create visions of how MI challenges can be ambitiously delivered through public and private cooperation, with the required speed, scope, and scale. A common aim will be identifying ways to enhance the deployment of public private innovation ecosystems, tailored to local circumstances, and capable of delivering the technological uptake with the required urgency and scale. Interactive discussions in plenary and groups will examine each what MI challenge can contribute to this aim. 

Outputs will focus on identifying where there are opportunities for action and “sweet spots” for public private cooperation across the innovation cycle that could be advanced within each specific MI goal; specific project proposals to be advanced, and key areas for a public private platform that could subsequently accompany them; and opportunities for enabling innovation public private innovation ecosystems to make the most of further public private action in each of the challenges. This event is part of a series being organized jointly with WEF. 

The event will tap into WEF and MI networks, as well as those developed around governments, and other energy and innovation initiatives. Identified opportunities will be presented at the Strategic Dialogues in a roundtable format, followed by discussion and next steps.



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