A succesful first day in Mexico City

The Mexican International Renewable Energy Conference (MEXIREC) began today with a series of side events, convened by co-hosts the Mexican Government (through its energy ministry) and REN21 (the Renewable Policy Network for the 21st Century.)

MEXIREC is taking place in parallel with a growing interest in the energy transition shown by large Mexican corporations and government agencies. Some of the main topics under discussion include solutions to the question of how to meet energy demands through clean, sustainable and accesible mechanisms.

On the first day of activities MEXIREC held a series of side events that highlighted the importance of having rich conversations around the subjects that matter the most. A total of 27 events took place, where organisations involved in the renewable energy sector were able to highlight their work and let everyone know about their goals, future plans, and how they are bringing innovation to the table.

Participants took advantage of opportunities to exchange ideas, and network. Interesting conversations between attendees from 69 different countries from all over the world occurred outside each of the rooms where the side events were held. The overall ambience was one of true involvement and collaboration.

MEXIREC is the first International Renewable Energy Conference to be held in a Latin American country. However, matters discussed were not directed only towards regional issues, but also towards a global approach. The principle of the International Renewable Energy Conference series is that the issue of renewable energy is best addressed when adopting a systems approach to meeting energy needs.

As the end of the day approached, participants gathered around the main hall, where a reception presented the perfect opportunity to break the ice and understand the different ways in which people from around the world are designing future solutions for today’s matters.

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